What to do in the garden in march

What to do in the garden in march


March is a time of rebirth and renewal and this is seen all around by the sunshine we have been getting lately. It is a month where it is time to get the garden furniture ready for the warm months and is a happy and hopeful time for garden enthusiasts.

 Jobs for this March

Plant early summer vegetables

Tomatoes and chillies can be sown at this time of the year in order to give them enough time to be ready. Fast growers such as beetroot and lettuce can be planted in March as well so that they can be enjoyed in the late summer months. Kale, peas, potatoes and sweet peppers can also be grown in March.

Plant summer flowering bulbs

Bulbs such as daffodils, snowdrops and tulips are one of the main indicators for people that spring is in full bloom. They are easy to grow and add a bit of colour to any space. Tulips come in various ranges of colours. Tender bulbs like gladioli should also be planted in these early stages of spring. 


As March signifies the end of winter, it is the best time to prune trees and hedges. Spring will allow them to produce new leaves and growth. It is the beginning of the growing season and pruning will give your hedges and trees a fresh look for the new season.

Taking care of the lawn

This can be done by clearing out any build up of debris, moss or dead plants in the front or back garden. The grass can also be mowed to look presentable. A compost bin can also be created if you don’t already have one.

At the end of March, seasonal flowers such as petunias, daisies and marigolds can be planted to signify the beauty of the season and add an extra element to your outdoor space.


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