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Sweetheart plant - Hoya kerrii


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  • Dusting - She needs minimal care, but if you see her get dusty, very gently wipe it off. Use something like a soft, dry brush.
  • Bright light - She’ll be ok in light shade, but does better in brighter light. Constant direct sun may be too much, but a bit is fine.
  • Light watering - She needs very very little water. About once a month is fine. Water the soil, not her leaf, to keep her healthy.
  • pot 6cm

About Hoya hearts If you saw this plant in the wild you probably wouldn’t recognise it. It’s actually a climbing plant, with lots of those heart-shaped leaves strung along its vines. It’s commonly found in countries in South-East Asia, where it can grow up to four metres tall. In the wild, it blooms with small red and pink waxy flowers. It’s an extremely slow-growing plant and the full climber is very rarely sold in Ireland. Instead, its cute, heart-shaped leaves are potted and sold individually. The leaf can grow into a full plant but is best enjoyed a small plant in its own right. Her heart-shape and minimal care needs, she’s an excellent choice for a Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift.
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