What to do in the garden in June

What to do in the garden in June


June is a summer month and is named after the Greek goddess of youth Juno. It is the sixth month of the year and has the summer solstice which is the longest day of the year.


Lawn care

The lawn needs to be taken care of regularly in the month of June. It is best to mow it every two weeks to keep the garden neat and tidy. Lawn moss can also be used to remove moss from the lawn while a lawn feed can be used to promote a lovely green colour for the summer months. June is also perfect for sowing a new lawn as the temperature and weather are good for germination and growth.


Sowing & growing

It is recommended to grow your own and you can definitely grow your five a day in June using a growing unit or even a raised garden bed. Vegetables such as Pak Choi, Spring onions and broccoli can be planted in June. It is also a good time to start planting crops for autumn such as cabbage and pumpkins. Lavender can also be planted inn the month of June as it grows well in planters and loves sunny locations.


Garden colour

In addition to planting crops, colour can be added to your space by adding plants and flowers through the use of hanging baskets, patio planters and so much more. Plants can also be propagated as it is a cheaper way to get new plants.

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