What is hot in plant pots

What is hot in plant pots


Beginner plant parents and gardens love to adorn their home and plants with pretty pots and planters that do the right job. Even if you are not a plant parent or green thumbed genius the trend of using plant pots is on the rise as people are using these pretty containers to decorate their homes, balconies, patios and so much more. These main trends are what is in right now:


Minimalistic and modern

There is a new pull to sleek and modern items which features the use of smooth lines and the use of minimal colours such as matte black, grey and white. Most of these new styles of plant pots are lightweight which makes it easier for people to use as they can be moved around the house or from outdoor to indoor.


Personalised designs

People love the concept of personalisation and this trend has slowly emerged into this industry. Custom design of plant pots can be quite expensive but they can also be sourced locally which will promote pottery in your local area.


Long lasting materials

People are now using large agricultural troughs or aluminium planters to practice companion planting. Sustainable plant pots are also an emerging trend as Capi Europe designs and produces indoor and outdoor planters. The planters are of high quality, light weight and weather resistant. The Capi pots also have a unique double walled layer of insulation which protects the roots of the plants.

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