Halloween is around the corner and we are here to provide you with tips on how to make your outdoor space the thrilling spot for trick or treaters. Pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons are the go to accessories for a spooky outdoor space but why not, invite your plants to the party!

  • Living greenery can be a great framing device but don’t forget to think about the plant’s needs. ​Plants need light so avoid covering them too much. Spooky cobwebs are great but don’t go overboard, and if you’re covering windows, consider moving your plant.   
  • Avoid hanging heavy items from the branches of your plants as this may cause structural damage. If it’s noticeably heavy to you, it’s probably too heavy for your plant. ​Paper decorations are a great option. They’re lightweight, recyclable and fun to make. Think snakes, spiders and bones, simple silhouettes that can peep from among the leaves. Creating mini scenes at the base of your plant is a fun way to play with scale.
  • Your desktop cactus could be the monster plant star of a tiny horror movie. Placing a potted plant inside your pumpkin makes a great centrepiece. You can still light the pumpkin using LED lights.
  • An excellent plant for this season would be aloe vera as the tentacle like tendrils of this spooky succulent make it perfect for Halloween decor. They look sensational coming out of pumpkins or team them with action figures for an alien invasion centre piece


October 08, 2021 — insidedata