Ways to welcome warmer weather

Ways to welcome warmer weather

 The first thing people love about spring is that it is warmer, brighter and has more sunshine so people can spend more time outside. Here are a few ideas to make the most of the warm weather in your spaces.



One of the best ways to spruce up your space is to decorate your planters and containers. Some people often add funky elements such as tins, old tyres and so much more to add a different vibe to their garden. Adding hay or moss and putting your planters at different heights can also give a rustic and funky vibe.



Including an en masse  into your space is a show stopping element as it is a simple yet effective technique. Tulips especially look amazing when planted like this as they provide an enchanting look. Other perennials such as primulas, daffodils and crocuses can also work for this technique.


Sprucing and colouring

This can be done by adding garden furniture and colour to the garden. As the weather is getting warmer, people want to spend more time outside and this can be done by adding lounging to your outdoor area such as corner sets or dining areas for hosting in the summer. Including bright and pastel colours such as red, blue, lilac, pink, yellow and so much more can bring a lively atmosphere to your space.

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