Ways to decorate with houseplants

Ways to decorate with houseplants

Sprucing up your indoor living spaces are the new trend with everyone being at home and trying to remodel their living space. People have invested in recreating their indoor spaces, gardens, patios and outdoor spaces to make them more entertaining. Here are some low maintenance indoor plant displays to give your home a new look.


Create a trail

By putting a curtain of plants on a window sill or top shelf in varying heights or a straight-line. It creates a sense of privacy or just gives the plant the best way to get sunlight. Plants that need indirect sunlight or can grow well in full sun are the best choices for this location.


Adding a Height

Moving your plant to a height will create a bold statement in the room. Putting a large plant like the elephant ear or giant bird of paradise will give your room a tropical aura as people love them due to their large leaves.


Mixing on a shelf

If you are a bookworm and have lots of shelves in your home that are located in an area with sunlight, it can also work perfectly as a plant display. Plants such as the Chinese money plant or devils ivy can be located here.


Adding plants to a bathroom

The best plants that will do well in the bathroom are plants that are able to deal with humidity. Most of these plants that have high humidity can absorb water for longer. Humidity helps the photosynthesis process and the growth of the plant. The Boston Fern and Maidenhair fern are the best plants to include into your bathroom as they can withstand the humidity.


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