Things to do in the garden in late October

Things to do in the garden in late October


Autumn has arrived and leaves are starting to fall although we have had some mild weather this year. This mild weather has allowed us make the most of our outdoor spaces. There are a lot of things to do in the garden at this time of the year and we are here to help you make the most of it.


Caring for your lawn

Make sure to take care of your lawn by brushing the dead leaves and raking them up. If the weather allows, it would be the best time to do the final lawn mowing of the year at the end of October. When cutting the lawn, it is recommended to cut it slightly higher than normally as this extra layer will protect your lawn from being damaged from the harsh winter elements.


Tidying up the garden

This is the best time to do a deep garden clean up as ponds will need to be cleaned as well as greenhouses. Most of your garden furniture will also need to be covered or moved into storage as it may not be used as frequently as it was when the weather was good. Creating a compost bin to put your garden waste and cuttings in would also be a great idea.


Planting and trimming

This is the best time to trim and prune your hedges so that they look fresh and tidy for the winter months. Sharpening your hedges give an outdoor space a new look. Plant perennials and spring bulbs around the garden as they have a beautifying effect when they shoot up in the spring time. Autumnal berries and garlic can also be planted at this time of the year. Most people also plant prepared hyacinths as they flower during Christmas and provide your home with a lovely winter fragrance.


Preparation and protection

This is important to do before the harsh winter elements start rolling in. Check gates, fences and sheds for locks and any signs of damages. Any delicate pots of pieces of furniture should be moved indoors or into sheltered spaces. 

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