Selecting the right plant for every room in your home

Selecting the right plant for every room in your home

Selecting the right plant for every room in your home

Including indoor plants in your home will bring a breath of fresh air and lush green look into your home without having to buy new furniture or expensive ornaments. When selecting the perfect plant in your home, it is important to consider the style of your home and the care of the plant.


Sitting room

It is important to choose a plan that makes a bold statement in the living room as this is the first place people are introduced to in your home. The plant that you put in your living room can also reflect your personality to your visitors as a bird of paradise plant signifies elegance while cacti reflect a fun side. The type of light your sitting room receives will also depend on the type of plant that you choose for this room such as bright direct light, indirect light or low indirect light. Plants we would recommend for the sitting room are birds of Paradise or elephant ear plant. The Bird of Paradise plant is popular as everyone appreciates them for their bold leaves which make a statement in every room. They need to be watered weekly and need bright light to full sun to grow. When taken care of properly, they may also sprout little flowers. The rubber tree plant is also a good choice as this plant was once used to make rubber and has thick rubbery leaves. This plant needs low light to full sun to be able to grow. It also needs to be watered weekly. These plants are amazing to have in a home as they help clean the air as well as being low maintenance.



 Although the kitchen is a busy place, it still has room to fit in a plant but a hanging plant would be optimal as the counter and shelving space in the kitchen is limited. Air purifying plants and plants that can withstand humidity would be the best choice for your kitchen. An excellent example of a staple plant to have in your kitchen is an aloe vera plant as it is known to have healing qualities for scrapes and burns. The Curly spider plant is also another great option for the kitchen as it is an air purifying plant and can grow in partial to full shade.


Dining room

Eye catching plants would be best for the dining room as the sitting room and dining room in most houses are joined. Adding bold plants in these spaces create a bold impression to guests and other family members who visit your home. If you choose a rubber tree for your sitting room, be sure to switch it up by adding a cacti to your dining room.



For the bathroom, choosing a tropical plant or a plant that can withstand humidity would be the best choice as they would be used to the temperatures in the bathroom. Plants like the Boston fern and maidenhair fern would thrive in these conditions as they would not need to be misted due to the humidity in the bathroom. At Glasplants, we have created a set of plants that are best suited to your bathroom.



The plant that you choose for your bedroom has to create a peaceful atmosphere as your bedroom is seen as your sanctuary. Adding a plant into your bedroom is scientifically prove to decrease stress levels, boost moods and filter out toxins from the environment. The best plant to include into your bedroom is the snake plant as it one of the easiest plants to maintain and  it removes toxic pollutants from the air which provides people with ambience.






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