Pumpkin Planting

Pumpkin Planting

Pumpkins are iconically linked with autumn as a symbol of Halloween. With the changing weather and the evenings becoming colder and darker, they can also be a hearty addition to the kitchen used for soup, muffins, tarts, pies and so much more. Pumpkins also come in different shapes, sizes and colours, though most people choose the classic (and enormous) ‘Atlantic Giant.’

Steps to growing the perfect pumpkin


This can be done in late spring as most of the frosty weather is gone. They need to be placed in a spot with full sun and spaced out evenly as their vines tend to spread.


Pumpkins need an adequate amount of fertilizer and water to grow like any other crop. They need to be watered a least once a week, but be careful not to  overwater them as this may cause root rot.


After a few months, you will see the progress in your pumpkins. The vines of the pumpkin have to be cut back before they are harvested to allow the pumpkins to gain their colour. When your pumpkins are ready they can be carved for Halloween or used for baking and cooking during the spooky season.

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