Boost Your Productivity With Plants

Boost Your Productivity With Plants

Indoor plants are providing people with a positive aura and high levels of serotonin. Due to lockdowns, many people are using indoor plants as another way to connect to nature apart from outdoor walks. Lockdown has also allowed a lot of people to appreciate nature more and find various innovative ways to connect. People who are working from home are struggling to find a way to keep in touch with reality and having indoor plants have been proven to improve air quality, productivity and concentration amongst other things. These are some indoor plants that are known to boost productivity


Snake Plant

Snake plants are native to South Africa and are also known as mother in law’s tongue. They are one of the easiest house pants to take care of as they are a good plant for people who want to begin their gardening journey.


 Snakes plants are best kept in bright and indirect light. They can also grow in direct sunlight and low light area. The snake plant also has various health benefits such as air purifying qualities. These plants are good at taking out carbon dioxide from the environment and replacing it in with oxygen. They also protect against airborne allergies and remove harmful toxins. They are easy to maintain as they can last with low levels of light and dry soils. Snake plants should not be overwatered or else they will suffer from root rot. It would be more beneficial to water from the bottom of the pot and water less in the winter than in the spring.


Peace lily

The peace lily comes from the tropical rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela. This impressive plant has cleansing qualities that make it noticeable as it is also known to remove toxins such as benzene from indoor spaces. These plants are a popular choice for homes and office spaces as they are easy to care for as well as brightening up a room. They enjoy medium to low light. They do not need a lot of watering or fertilising as they can last a week without water. The leaves on this plant can also gather dust so will need to be wiped or washed.


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