Plants for first time plant parents

Plants for first time plant parents

Plant parenting is a new buzz word that is popular amongst the newer generation but it simply means taking care of a plant. Everyone who takes care of a plant is a plant parent. Taking care of plants and growing a garden space is well known to improve mental health. It is an activity to people from all ages enjoy as it is also a great way to detach from the constant connections we have to technology.

 Some of the easiest plants to parent include:

 Devils Ivy

Devils Ivy also known as Hunter’s Robe is another popular indoor plant that is easy to nurture as the plant grows fast and can withstand a variety of environments. This plant is difficult to kill which is why it is every plant parents first choice. It does not need to be watered often and can survive without fertilizer for a long period of time.


Peace lily

The peace lily is a great first child as it is easy to grow and care for. They are commonly used as office plants or home plants due to the aesthetic image of the plant. They enjoy medium to low light and produce more white flowers depending on where indoors they are placed. They will be happy if they are fertilised once or twice a year.


Snake Plant

This plant is popular amongst plant parents as it is quite striking and grows anywhere in the home. It does not need a lot of water and can grow in areas with low amounts of sunshine. The snake plant will be your bold child as they bring character to the home with their spiky and upright leaves.


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