Plant presents for plant dads

Plant presents for plant dads

Gifting meaning full gifts is so important especially to people who are very dear to your heart. At Glasplants, we have put together a meaningful guide of the perfect plants to buy a plant dad.


Some of these plant presents include:

Fiddle leaf fig

This is the perfect plant for your caring father as it is a plant that needs to be look after carefully. This plant is a statement plant as it features big green leaves which sit well in modern homes. Hey are easy to maintain, grown quickly and are big fans of bright indirect light


Chinese money plant

This is an excellent gift to choose for your dad as it symbolises good luck, wealth and happiness. It is also very easy to care for as it does not need a lot of watering and needs a lot of natural light. It is a plant that requires a caring plant dad to check on it from time to time.


Parlour palm

These palms can grow up to six feet tall and do not need to be repotted often. It is also known for its resilience which makes it a great plant for a gift. Everyone refers to it as a graceful plan which looks amazing in the home. The parlour palm is also known to have air purifying qualities.


Snake plant

This is the best plant for a busy dad as this plant requires little to no maintenance . This is for someone who does not have time to water a plant. It also symbolises cleanliness and persistence and giving this as a gift shows that you care for their health and you wish them a healthy life.

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