Plant parenting 101: Pothos

Plant parenting 101: Pothos

 Pothos is  a popular evergreen plant which has thick leaves. It is a popular plant as It can be grown in water or soil. They are also one of the easiest plants to grow and look amazing in any space in the home.

What you need to know


There are various type of pothos and they all have different colours in their leaves such as white, yellow or light green patches that are included in their dark green leaves. Some of these variations are neon, silver satin, and marble green. A really popular one that we stock at Glasplants is devil's ivy


This plant likes bright, indirect light and can withstand full or partial shade. It also does well in low light or fluorescent light areas which makes it a good plant choice for office spaces or hospitals. If your plant is receiving too much sun, it will let you know by showing pale looking leaves.

Soil & humidity

Pothos like ordinary, well-drained soil as they can thrive in various conditions. Pothos plants like aa lot of humidity so the best place in the home for this plant is the kitchen or bathroom. Although the plant is able to withstand any condition it is best suited to a humid environment with temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius.


This plant likes to have dried out soil before being watered. If it is left on damp soil, your plant could suffer from root rot and develop black spots on the leaves. Your plant will tell you when it needs water as the leaves may droop or begin to shrivel which is not a good sign.


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