How to care for your sweetheart plant

How to care for your sweetheart plant

The sweetheart plant is a small plant which is known under many names such as the hoya hearts, hoya Kerri, valentine hoya and love heart plant.


Care and growing tips


This plant needs bright and natural light to grow properly. It is important not to leave this plant in an area that has full exposure to sun light as this could burn your Hoya. Low light levels will also stunt the growth of this plant so it is important to keep checking this when it is placed.


Temperature and humidity

As these plants come from Southeast Asia, the climate that they are used to is humid so this needs to be replicated for them to thrive. This can be done by spraying it periodically. For this plant to survive it is also important to make sure it is kept away from any draughty areas, air conditioning and heaters in the home.


Feeding and fertilising

Autumn and winter are time of rest for these plants so they should not be fertilised as this can cause a build-up of salt which can destroy the roots of your Hoya.


Finally, the flowers produced by the hoya are gorgeous as they are waxy, star shaped blooms which have a dark pink centre and creamy white exterior. This is one of the reasons why they are the perfect choice as a Valentines day gift.

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