Plant parenting 101: Devil’s ivy

Plant parenting 101: Devil’s ivy

 The devil’s ivy comes from the plant family known as pothos is a tropical vine plant which has been around for a while and is well known to be one of the top indoor plants. There are various types of pothos such as money plant, golden pothos, marble queen pothos and so much more.


Care and growing tips


This plant cannot stand direct sun light. It does best in bright, indirect light but will also be fine in light or even deeper shade. It is important to note that if this plant is kept in deep shade it can lose its colour, will grow slow and need less water.


Temperature and humidity

The best temperature for this plant is anywhere from ten to twenty four degrees Celsius. This plant will also do well in low humidity as is not really unnecessary to mist.


Feeding and fertilising

This is one of the easiest house plants to grow and is really difficult to kill. It is recommended to water your devil’s ivy only when the compost is beginning to dry out and feed once a month in spring and summer. The plant will also basically tell you through wilting when it needs to be watered.



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