How to repot a plant

How to repot a plant

It is important to note that repotting a plant takes great care and it promotes growth and good root health in the plant. Most plants will outgrow their original containers and will need to be repotted. Most plants need to be repotted every 12 to 18 months.

 How to know if your plant needs repotting

  • If there are roots creeping up along the top of the soil, this is a sign that the plant needs more space to grow.
  • When watering plants, if the water rushes through and out into the drainage hole this signifies that the roots are occupying too much space in the plant pot.
  • If you can see salt and minerals building up on the plants or the container.


Step 1

Choose a pot that is slightly larger than the current pot that you have with drainage holes.


Step 2

Fill the new pot with a third of fresh soil. Then gently move the plant from the old pot. You might need to shake the roots of the plant so that it can move freely or use a soil knife. You can also use scissors to cut off any dead or discoloured roots from the bottom of the plant.


Step 3

Put the plant in the middle of the plant pot. Fill the pot with soil and cover the root ball entirely. Use a hand trowel to pat down the soil into the roots.


Step 4

Water the plant until the water flows through the plant pot. Leave the plant to rest for a few minutes so that all the water is drained from the pot. When the plant is done draining, place it on the new saucer and make sure there is no leftover water.


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