Picking The Perfect Plant Pot

Picking The Perfect Plant Pot


There are various choices to pick from when it comes to choosing the right plant pot. Selecting the wrong pot can affect the plant’s growth or cause rot and root diseases. This is an important first step to consider when embarking on your plant parenting journey. The main elements to consider are the weight of the plant pot, porosity and drainage of the plant pot.


Soils typically get heavy when they become watered and selecting a heavy pot is not recommended as it will be difficult to move around your home. Mobile plant pots are better as they can be moved around to obtain sunlight.


This is another important element as healthy soil as well as oxygen and water is needed for a plant to grow.  Certain plant pots are more porous than others as they are made from clay, timber or pulped paper which allows water and air to pass through them easily. This would help the plant roots and drain extra water in the soil.


When selecting what plant pot to purchase, a plant pot with a hole at the bottom is beneficial to the plant’s health. This allows the water from the soil to drain properly and give the plant the right amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide for successful growth. When the soil of a plant is too wet, it can cause root rot and other root diseases which may destroy the plant. Signs of root rot include wilted and yellow leaves as well as black or brown roots.

The Anthurium plant goes well with the Sault Plant pot. 



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