How to pick a plant pot for your home

How to pick a plant pot for your home


Selecting the right pot for your plant may be simple task once you learn the important factors to look out for. These factors are drainage, size of the plant and material used. It can sometimes be difficult to select the right plant pot for your home. Plant and pots should be selected based on the personality of the plant and the decoration in the home. Think of it as picking the right pot for your plant is like getting dressed every day.



The first thing that is necessary to know when choosing a pot is the size of pot you need for your plant. Pots are measured by their diameter and may need to be repotted depending on the [lant.



The most common type of material for plant pots is plastic or terracotta. Plastic pots can be colourful, lighter and cheaper. Plastic pots also help to retain moisture which means you do not have to water your plants frequently. Terracotta plant pots on the other hand re more expensive and weigh more. Terracotta Is



Plants cannot stand having water in their base as it will cause them to deteriorate . it is necessary and ideal to have a plant pot with a good drainage system. Some beautiful pots do not have a drainage hole which means you will need to learn how to keep your plant roots out of water.



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