How to know if your plant needs more sunlight

How to know if your plant needs more sunlight

There are various indicators to know if your plant needs sunlight as they tell us how they feel by their looks. Plants need the right amount of sunlight to grow properly. You can tell if your plant needs more sun from the various ways it can look. These are signs that your plant might not be getting sufficient light.


Floppy and Leaning

When a plant does not receive enough sunlight they make sometimes attempt to move themselves in order to obtain some light. This movement makes them floppy and start to lean. They may either lean left or right as it moves whatever way it can in order to receive the sunlight. After a while, the plant may have long stems or fewer leaves than before.


Variance in leaves

Your plant can also change in size and colour and this is a huge indicator of lack of sunlight.

Leaves that are a dull green colour are an indication that your plant is suffering from a light problem.  


The types of light your plant can get can either be direct light, indirect bright light, indirect low light and no light. Depending on the space in the home plants can grow different due to the type of light they are receiving.


Ways to give your plant sunlight include:

Moving them around

Plants can be moved around the home or outdoors to where they can get full access to the sunlight. Most plants can also be grown using artificial lighting.


Follow the sun

As most people are working from home, they move the plant around their home to meet the sun. they can be shifted from sunny spots to areas that have shade. Some people move them every few days as it really helps with the growth of their plants.



If you have a plant outdoors and the sun does not reach that side of your house , the next step to take is to dig up the plant and plant it in another location. This can be done using a hand trowel and other gardening equipment. Transplant can sometimes be the best step to take for a plant.

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