Garden Trends 2022

Garden Trends 2022


We are currently getting a taste of the good sunny weather in a few weeks which makes us anticipate the summer. In the last few years, our outdoor spaces have become more important as people have been chilling outdoors and taking up gardening activities for their well being. At Rathwood, we believe it is so important and beneficial to keep spending time outdoors and make the most of your garden and outdoor spaces. Here are ways that you can do this:


Reuse recycle repurpose

Once again we see the increasing impacts of our carbon foot prints on the environment through climate change, pollution and so much more. Sustainability in the garden is an excellent way to make use of materials with low carbon footprints or grow and plant from items that have no original use. Using items that were going to go to a landfill such as pre owned furniture or old storage units can add character and personality to your garden.


Extended living spaces

Bringing your living outdoor is a new trend that we are all loving at the moment as we are now looking to spend as much time outdoors as we do indoors so why not make this an oasis for relaxation, a play space for kids or an entertainment space for hosting guests and having drinks.


Grown your own

As food prices rise, people are becoming more aware of the importance of healthy eating and lifestyles which encourages them to grow their own produce. There are so many vegetables, fruits and herbs that you can grow in your garden and they can also be grown indoors so you do not need a massive outdoor space for this.


Urban gardening

This is a key gardening trend which highlights to people that wherever you live, it is still possible to participate in gardening through planting indoors or outdoors by growing your own vegetables and other crops. Some people grow dwarf apple trees in containers or even tomatoes.


Front of the house

Last but not least, the front of the house!

This is the first thing guests and bystanders see when they walk past or into your home so most of your time and effort should be put into beautifying this space. Freshly cut lawn, dotted with outdoor plants or perennials and blooms will allow this space to stand out. It is also a great space to show the world your personality and creativity. 


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