Container gardening

Container gardening

It is important to utilise the spaces that we have whether big or small as this can give the plants mobility as well as adding a different design element to a space. It is best suited for places with limited spaces such as balconies.


Various plants, fruits, vegetables and herbs can be planted in containers. It is seen as a good way to add greenery to your home without actually having a garden or outdoor space. Adding plants to your home can improve your air quality as well as being a mood enhancer. The three types of container gardening are indoor, outdoor and commercial container gardening. 


Outdoor container gardening

This is a nice way to decorate an outdoor space as you can place patio plants. Items in your garden such as an old barrels, containers or tyres are useful and can be placed in an outdoor space. Trendy pieces such as wine glasses, ice cream containers, clay pots and so much more. Using items like this provides them with a new life cycle as well as jazzing up a space. Allowing plant pots to rust also gives the effect of a rustic look which is a current trend. Another interesting style is a cache pot which is used for decorative purposes while the real plant pot is in it. They can protect the plant while making them look pretty.


Indoor container gardening

Adding a lightweight planter to your indoor space is a new trend which also makes it easier to transport the plant. Our Capi pots can be used indoor and outdoor and are environmentally friendly. They are strong, durable and weather resistant. Hanging planters is another way to utilise vertical space in their indoor spaces, typical styles for hanging pots include rattan or rope. Adding indoor plants inside the home using bold plant pots and elevating them can also add a statement to a room.


Commercial container gardening

If you prefer to grown your own vegetables or fruit large planters can be used to plant in batches. Planters can also be placed in front of a commercial places as they create a good first impression. Grey or black coloured pots can present a professional look for any businesses.



Finally including plants in the home are certainly a mood and productivity booster as well as providing air purifying qualities. Featuring some of these in your home will change how you decorate your home as well as brighten up your interior.

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