Christmas plants and flowers to add festivity to your home

Christmas plants and flowers to add festivity to your home


Adding these plants and flowers to your home will spruce up your festive spirit and table ware. If you are hosting the family guests this year, they can add a bold effect to the room.  They are also a lovely present to give to someone during this season.



The plant originates from Mexico and has been used since the 17th century for Christmas celebration. This striking plant has dark green leaves and red petals that light up any space. They are mainly used to decorate the home during the Christmas season. They need bright and indirect light to survive. It is important to care for it properly so that it can survive.



It is easy to grow and when it blooms produces stunning colours. They are to be planted middle to late September so that they are ready for Christmas time. It is important to note that they are toxic to cats and dogs o they should be grown and kept in areas that are away from their reach.


Say slán to traditional plants and place mistletoe around your home to add a playful but bold element to your space. It is a symbol of love, friendship and goodluck. Putting mistletoe in your home is a tradition that goes back as far as the ancient time of the Druids.



Deck your halls with boughs of Holly, this common evergreen has been in gardens, parklands and homes for centuries. It is very versatile and there are over 200  of the evergreen. It is an excellent and vibrant way to decorate doors, stairways and hallways.

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