Perfect Patio Plants

Perfect Patio Plants

 Patios are usually adorned with outdoor furniture sets or BBQ’s as they are seen as a lounge area for the family and friends which makes it a great spot to decorate and hang out. Patio and outdoor plants can be used to decorate the patio area as well as it creates a visual statement and provides the area with a homely vibe.


Pink hydrangea

These thrive in well drained soil and thrive in a partially shady garden. These flowers need to be water adequately in order to ensure proper growth. Hydrangeas produce beautiful flowers as their vibrant colours add a pop of colour to an outdoor space. 

Lemon tree

This produces the same fruit as the typical lemon tree but with the convenience of being a little potted plant. This makes it easy for the plant to be moved around the patio or even indoors as long as there is enough light. These plants also give a fresh lemon and crisp scent to the environment.

Bay tree

The bay tree is  low maintenance which is why it is one of the best choices for a patio plant. It needs little pruning during the summer months. These trees love sun or an area with partial shade. It also does not need to be repotted often and needs to be watered regularly. They are best grown in pots as they can be moved to catch the sun and moved indoors during the winter. When taken care of properly, they can produce tiny little yellow flowers.


Some tips to growing outdoor and patio plants include planting using good compost which will help the plants to grow properly while giving them the adequate nutrients as well as deadheading your plants. Deadheading is a gardening practice used to remove spent flowers from a plant as it makes the plant grow fuller as well as tidying up the appearance.

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