Autumnal Fruit Trees

Autumnal Fruit Trees


Fruit trees can be planted at anytime but one of the best times to plant them is in autumn as there are various benefits. Planting fruit trees in autumn allows the tree to become settled into the cool temperature before the cold winter sets in as extreme high and sunlight can make it hard for new plants to thrive. It is also a new and rewarding way to make yourself responsible for growing your own food and changing up your diet.


It is important  to choose the right fruit when planting your trees as not every fruit will grow well in our climate. Self pollinating fruit trees are also important as most fruit trees need a second pollinator so that they can bear fruit. Most garden centres have pollinator charts which can help you make the right choice on the best pollinator partner.


Tips for planting your fruit trees

  • Before planting fruit trees, it is important to add compost to the soil so that it will be healthy and promote a healthy root system.
  • Next step is to dig a hole 2 times the depth of the root ball. This will give the tree roots space to spread and settle.
  • Water the root ball generously and fill the rest of the whole with compost and soil
  • it is also helpful to stake new trees as it can help the tree keep in moisture while also protecting them from the cold winter elements. The base of the tree should be slightly above the ground as this will allow for a good drainage system. The tree should be watered every 3 – 5 days.
  • Place down some mulch at the base to help the root and keep in the moisture.


Apple trees, plum trees and pear trees are some of the most common fruit trees that are planted during the autumn season.

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