5 signs that you are overwatering your plants

5 signs that you are overwatering your plants


Overwatering is a frequent thing that happens when people first start their plant parenting journey but it is something that can be fixed. These are five main signs to let you know if your plant child is consuming too much water.


Wet Roots 

Roots are the lifeline of your plant and as much as they need water they also need air to breathe. Overwatering your plant will cause these roots to drown and therefore not allow them to receive the air they need. Healthy soil allows for oxygen to thrive in the particles of soil.


Change in colour of leaves

Plants can change colour depending on if they are overwatered or under-watered. The leaves will change colour to brown and then start to wilt. This means the plant will then become dry and crispy which will lead to the leaves


Stunted Growth

Your plant will suffer from stunted growth which is another indicator that they are being overwatered. The plant will also have yellow and old leaves which would start to fall.


It is essential to check the soil as it will let you know if you need to reduce your watering as it could be moist. Moisture meters can also be purchase to check how much water is in your soil.

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