Reasons why you should pick a plant as a Mother’s day gift

Reasons why you should pick a plant as a Mother’s day gift


As mother’s day is approaching we are celebrating the fabulous mother figures in our lives. We have put together a simple yet loving gifting guide for plants for all mother’s this Mother’s day. Here are a few reasons why this is the perfect gift:

New hobby

If your mother has not yet discovered the joy of being a plant parent as well as your parent, gifting them a plant can introduce them to a new hobby or even encourage an old hobby or better yet start a new one! This is something that can also be enjoyed all year round and not just on Mother’s day. Every time the plant blossoms they will be reminded of you.

Seasonal favourite

As we are now in spring and the weather allows for brighter evenings, there is no better gift than an indoor plant, outdoor plant or flowers. After such a dreary winter, it is refreshing to see life and colour return outdoors again. 

Never to be forgotten

Plants add beauty and character to every space they are placed in. Most of them require minimal care as they mainly need water, good soil and adequate light. They live long and will serve as an excellent reminder of your love and appreciation for your mother.

 The choices here are endless as various plants symbolises different things such as :

Peace lily which symbolises purity, innocence and peace.

Snake plant which symbolises cleanliness and happiness. 

Sweetheart plant which symbolises love.

All of these are just some of the things that mothers represent to us.


We hope that this was helpful and we wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!

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