Best gifts for plant dad’s

Best gifts for plant dad’s

As lots of people now take the time to invest in their garden and spaces there is now a high demand for house plants and including them in your everyday life. Some of these plants symbolise different things and can either be difficult to keep alive or easy. Here are our favourites as great ideas for father’s day gifts :


Swiss cheese plant

This plant is also known as monstera as well as Swiss cheese plant. This large plant is popular and the best gift for early plant parents as they are delightful to grow. They grow fast, are low maintenance and look admirable in any room. This plant loves medium to bright indirect light.


Birds of paradise

This plant is a statement plant similar to the father figure in your life. This plant is a show stopper as it has huge leaves and stands tall in any room. This plant does well in a bright and sunny environment and has to be wiped regularly as its big leaves catch dust easily.


Snake plant

This plant is used to a dry and warm environment as it originates from tropical regions in Africa. This plant is perfect for the plant dad who forgets everything as well as his watering can.

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