Pink Hydrangea Macrophylla
Pink Hydrangea Macrophylla

Pink Hydrangea Macrophylla


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  • Feeding - Encourage her to bloom by giving her a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month through spring and summer.
  • Regular watering - Keep her soil gently moist (not soggy) to encourage lots of flowers. Water her when the top two inches of soil feel dry.
  • Medium light - She’ll be happiest in a spot where she’ll get morning sun and afternoon shade. She doesn’t like scorching midday sun.
  • Hydrangeas flower from new season growth, i.e. the growth that appears each spring, so prune her back in late autumn to encourage new vigour in spring.
  • pot 23cm

About hydrangea macrophylla The hydrangea is a Irishclassic, beloved for its big, cheerful flowers, but it’s actually native to Japan. It was introduced to the Ireland in the early 1700s and has been popular ever since. Hydrangea macrophylla is the archetypal hydrangea, with a compact shape and lots of big round flower clusters. An amazing thing about the hydrangea is its flowers change colour depending on the acidity of the soil. Acidic soil results in bluer flowers, while alkaline soil results in more pinkish flowers. Hydrangea flowers start to appear in early summer and should give your outdoor space colour and a spicy scent through to autumn, long after a lot of other flowers have faded. You might expect such a spectacular plant to be complicated to care for, it’s super low-maintenance. Keep it well watered and fed throughout the growing season, then give it a good prune back in late autumn and you should see an explosion of flowers year after year. As a bonus, it’s also very attractive to bees, which are as taken with its pretty colours as you’ll be. Did you know? In Japan, the leaves of hydrangea macrophylla are fermented to make a drink called amacha.