Fiddle-leaf fig
Fiddle-leaf fig

Fiddle-leaf fig


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About Fiddle-leaf figs
Its huge, fiddle-shaped leaves (hence the name) and the fact it can grow over six-feet tall means it has maximum impact in any room. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that it's originally from the rainforests of West Africa.

As a houseplant, it likes a spot with a nice medium level of light, so not shady but not harsh direct sun. Those big leaves like humidity, so give it a good squirt with a mister every few days. It will also appreciate a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer. Our large fiddle leaf fig has three tall, mature stems in the same pot, as pictured.

Humidity: You’ll see the healthiest growth if you give the leaves a regular mist. This plant absorbs a lot of moisture through his leaves.

Light watering: It is much thirstier in summer than winter. Check once a week and water if the top two inches of its soil are dry.

Medium light: Those big leaves like a lot of indirect rays, so place somewhere bright, e.g. away from the window in a sunny room.

Don’t worry if it drops a leaf or two after delivery while adjusting to the new home. It’s totally normal. It may also drop a couple in winter.

Did you know?
In the wild, fiddle-leaf figs could grow as tall as 15 metres.

Plant height 100cm Recommended pot 21cm