Angel hair


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  • Haircuts - Chop her back in late winter or early spring, when her leaves start to flop. She’ll grow back when the weather warms up
  • Dry soil- She’s pretty tolerant of forgetful waterers, but try to water her when the top two inches of soil feel dry
  • A sunny spot - She’ll grow best in full sun, but she’ll also do well in dappled shade. Just avoid very deep shade.
  • Combing your fingers through her (wear gloves) will help remove dead growth through the year. It won’t hurt her.
  • height 25cm pot 11cm

About Angel hair While its scientific name is Stipa tenuissima, this plant is more commonly known as angel hair or ponytail because of its long, fine leaves. It wafts and rustles softly in the breeze. It’s great for adding some texture to your outdoor planting and providing a bit of calming sound. It’s sometimes known as Mexican feather grass, because it’s native to Mexico, as well as southern parts of the United States, and because of the feathery look of its flowers. As it matures through the year, the leaves will change from green to a pale yellow-green. It’s semi-evergreen, which means it should grow all year, but it may suffer in severe frost. If the very cold weather does kill off some of its growth, no worries. Just chop off any affected parts and it will grow back again in spring.